Greenhouse effect and global warming

There are many ideas about collaboration on environmental problems. The first part would relate to the laboratory work. A smaller picture of a lab as a part of a bigger image is shown. It involves including a surrounding landscape with a stretch of land and a sky. Presented is also what is going underground, below the lab building. A few scientists working inside of this lab, each one on a specific experiment, and then some connections how each of their projects may have a possible impact on Earth when conducted on a larger scale is shown: its thermal pollution, climate, or effect on bio-diversity. Or it could be a skyscraper with several windows; each window depicts a different lab. The scientists conduct various experiments in each lab. The next question is, what kind of a process is held in each lab and how each work affects the environment surrounding the building, as well how it affects the environment if various aspects (positively?) This may even affect people walking down the street, or even farms, factories, or workplaces located on surrounding rural areas.

Scientists study specific components of nature, both living and inanimate. They examine particular events, processes, and their interactions; then they draw conclusions that refer not only to the research results but also to the world outside the lab. However, not always laboratory results can be extended to a larger area; sometimes they may become disastrous because of pollution they cause, health problems that follow but are difficult to perceive right now, and effects on the environment that sometimes are irreversible. We should evaluate our experiments and large-scale actions as a part of a bigger picture of the whole earth.