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Two Dimensional Art
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Images are presented along with related animations. We can walk around the sculpture, designate the time frame for the duration of the movie, and explore the interactive character of time based art by following its time requirements. Yet, we can only change the distance when we look at the two dimensional work. Once, when visiting a museum of contemporary art, a painting intrigued me, and when I approached the label, I could read the title stating, “Walk back 7 steps” It was like an imperative, rather then the title, but made the audience obey the author’s vision of the best seat in the house. Artwork is often an open message, allowing for viewers’ interpretation. By adding action inside the surface of the image, I hope to attain another level of description of some possible connotations and interpretations. Music by Bob Ehle adds dynamic to the hints for the new level of interpretations.
blue spruce drive Acceleration Alert all roads lead to something Backstage
3611 Blue Spruce Drive Acceleration Alert All Roads Lead to Somethin' Backstage
birds eye view Bornholm caution Change of Matter Circular Motion
Bird's Eye View Bornholm Caution Do Not Enter This Picture Change of Matter Circular Motion
City Matters common desire commuters tunes compromizing freedom Crossroads
City Matters Common Desire of Spinach Eaters Commuter's Tunes Compromizing Freedom Crossroads